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Copy-cat theory: Qaida or amateurs
Four attempted bombings on Londonís transport system today look like an intended carbon-copy of attacks that killed 56 people two weeks ago and may be masterminded by the same group, security analysts said. ...  | Read.. 
ĎThere was mass panicí
Outside Warren Street station, people who were evacuated from the Tube spoke of what they had experienced. ...  | Read.. 
US: We wonít be frightened
American officials said they did not believe the US was in imminent danger of an attack similar to todayís second wave of bombings on Londonís transport system but ...  | Read.. 
Nasa plans another Discovery launch
Nasa will make another attempt to launch space shuttle Discovery next Tuesday on the first shuttle mission since the 2003 Columbia accident, US space agency off ...  | Read.. 
Armed police on guard at Downing Street. (Reuters)
Jackson keen to be a Berliner
Michael Jackson wants to move to Berlin because he has fallen in love with the city, his father Joe..  | Read.. 
Rice anger after scuffle in Sudan
Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice demanded and received an apology today after Sudanese security ..  | Read..