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The TomKat story, approved by ‘minder’
Katie Holmes, whose whirlwind engagement to Tom Cruise has produced one of Hollywood’s more improbable unions, has taken on a new role ' that of a lovestruck automation....  | Read.. 
A crack at Kwai
Ronald Searle, the acclaimed satirist and former Japanese prisoner of war, has attacked the film The Bridge on the...  | Read.. 
Rings of steel
A wizard’s wand might do the trick in the right hands, but the tools needed by American booksellers for the biggest ...  | Read.. 
‘I like the pain of a good workout’
Actor Randeep Hooda describes the physique that lasts a lifetime...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q:Does weight training consume more calories than aerobic exercising' Is it true that muscle mass consumes calories at rest'...  | Read.. 
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
The TomKat story, approved by ‘minder’