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Police grapple with bomber or timer puzzle
Police revealed that the three bombs on the London Underground, which killed at least 49 and injured over 700, exploded simultaneously at 8.50 am. ...  | Read.. 
Focus on Moroccan
Security forces across Europe have been asked to intensify their search for a religious scholar given asylum in Britain who is suspected of planning a series of terrorist ...  | Read.. 
Birmingham security alert
Police said today they were evacuating thousands of people from the centre of Birmingham, Britain’s second city, after receiving intelligence of a threat. ...  | Read.. 
Bus attack odd one out
The bomb that blew up a double-decker London bus, killing 13 people, was the “odd one out” among Thursday’s four deadly attacks and throws up puzzling question ...  | Read.. 
A woman observes a minute's silence at a park near King's Cross station. (Reuters)
Hindus slam blasts
Stress drain
Cage to star in 9/11 movie
Nicolas Cage will star as a real-life policeman who survived the collapse of the World Trade Center..  | Read.. 
Spielberg risks Israeli ire with film
A drama about the 1972 Munich Olympics where Black September Palestinian terrorists killed 11 Israe..  | Read.. 
Sunni cleric killed in Karachi
Gunmen killed a Sunni cleric in Karachi in what police said ...  | Read.. 

Zeta-Jones stalker
A woman with a “girlish crush” on Michael Douglas ...  | Read.. 

In Mai’s Punjab, feet of woman chopped off
A Pakistani man and some of his relatives chopped off his w ...  | Read..