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Hitlerís bomb
Philip K. Dickís sci-fi novel The Man in the High Castle depicts a scenario in which an assassinís bullet kills US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his first year in office in 1933. Vice President John Nance Garner takes over and establishes an isolationist policy that weakens the US militarily. Unprepared for the attack on Pearl Harbour, and unable to recover from the destruction of its entire fleet, by 1947 the US surrenders to the Germans and the Japanese. The country is eventually cut up into pieces which are controlled by the rulers in Berlin and Tokyo...  | Read.. 
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Sturdier rice
Manly read
Chirp decoded
An album for all
Blogs are great for those who like to write and wonderful for those who like to read, but what about people who donít like to do either' They are expressing themselves through photoblogs, web sites that are part visual diary, part photo gallery, ...  | Read.. 
Forgery detection
Biogas train
Coma therapy
When Jeanna Giese, a 15-year-old girl from Fond du Lac in Wisconsin, US, recovered from rabies early this year, she became the first person in medical history to have survived the infectious disease. Conventional wisdom says that unless immunised, no ...  | Read.. 
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Can milk help you lose weight'
Late infections in Tsunami survivors
Ozone hikes death figures
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QED: Technology oF trust
Last week, The Sun newspaper in the UK reported that Kkaran Bahree, a Delhi-based call centre executive, had sold the details of credit card, passport and personal identification of account holders of a UK bank to the tabloidís undercover ...  | Read.. 
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Tom Stafford and Matt Webb
OíReilly; $ 24.95 ...  | Read.. 
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