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Fortress Scotland awaits G8
Steel security fences surround the Scottish Parliament building and the Gleneagles Hotel yesterday as 10,000 police officers were drafted to potential trouble spots and a blimp was prepared for use as a lookout for anarchists. ...  | Read.. 
Chile sight on space collision
Chile is gearing up to be the eyes of the world as astronomers converge on the telescopes and clear skies of the northern Andes to witness a collision in outer space between ...  | Read.. 
Felt almost revealed Deep Throat: Woodward
The identity of Deep Throat, The Washington Post’s key Watergate source, was almost revealed nearly three decades ago, according to Bob Woodward’s new bo ...  | Read.. 
Schroeder loses vote to force early polls
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder engineered his own defeat in a parliamentary vote of confidence today in a bid to force elections he hopes will return him to power with a ...  | Read.. 
A member of the group called the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army walks past anti-G8 graffiti in Edinburgh. (Reuters)
Gigolo grouse
Rat ruckus
Stick smart
Geldof hears greatest gig
Organiser Bob Geldof promises it will be the greatest concert ever, as final preparations for the L..  | Read.. 
Pitt, Jolie snapped together in Britain
After months of avoiding being photographed together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear in new ph..  | Read.. 
Inspiration behind Keira’s film dies
A British model turned Los Angeles bounty-hunter who inspir ...  | Read..