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Doc Tom kicks up a storm
Okay, should we address him as Dr Tom Cruise from now on' Or will the Rev Dr Cruise suffice'...  | Read.. 
Raw nerve
The American Psychiatric Association has sharply criticised Tom Cruise for the televised remarks in which he called psychiat ...  | Read.. 
Spacecraft set for July collision with comet
A two-stage spacecraft called Deep Impact is about to make an ambitious attempt to dissect a comet by slamming in ...  | Read.. 
Banning sex determination tests is not enough
Last month, Parliament voiced its concern over the fact that the courts are yet to convict a single person for female foeticide, despite the law banning misuse of sex determin...  | Read.. 
Street Legal
He said, she said
Cook and clean
Cruise and Holmes at a special screening of War of the Worlds in Hollywood. (Reuters)