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My old town Jetpur
Actually, I have not been to Jetpur for 50 years. But I still think of it as my home town. My father was born there; his father served the Bapu or king of Jetpur. So did my uncle; he was a judge in the princely state. His house was so unlike anything...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Clash course
Sir ' The incident of the barge getting stuck under Howrah Bridge on June 25 could have been avoide ...  | Read.. 
In West Bengal, the past continuously pulls back the present. The efforts initiated by the chief minister of West Bengal, Mr ...| Read.. 
Protection, especially in the law, is often a double-edged weapon. To 'protect' a woman, or a child, can work along, as well ...| Read.. 
Stalling the decline
The unprecedented heat that envelopes the north of India each year makes one understand why this country has remained 'underd...  | Read.. 
So that they may live

People expect old men to die,/ They do not really mourn old men./ Old men are different.../ People watch them with unshocked eyes;/ But the old men know when an old man ....  | Read.. 

All he needed was a thin edge off the bat
Eknath Solkar epitomized the very old cricketing belief that catches win matches. It is difficult to imagine India's victory against England at the Oval in 1971 without Solkar...  | Read.. 
No matter how many media for the dissemination of news are created, there is one rule that should never be broken: Tell The People. ' ARTHUR CHRISTIANSEN