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Top-job bait that trapped Bahree
- Letter spills details of transaction

New Delhi, June 27: A top job at a new call centre and $5,000 was the bait given to Kkaran Bahree for allegedly selling sensitive personal information like passport and credit card numbers.

The promise, Bahree says, was made by Fayaz Rizvi, an alleged acquaintance of undercover reporter from The Sun, Oliver Harvey.

A letter by Bahree to former employer Infinity eSearch states that the IT worker had received $5,000 for a powerpoint presentation made to Harvey.

“Rizvi told me that a person from UK wanted to set up a call centre in India and since I am good at English communication and writing skills, he wanted me to give a presentation to a person from UK,” states the letter read out today to the media by Deepak Masih, the counsel for Infinity.

The meeting was designed in such a manner, Bahree alleges, that Harvey would not know that the matter in the CD was given by Rizvi and Sameer Asim, an acquaintance of the Sun reporter.

“The UK person was Oliver. Fayaz taught me how to present the information and what I should tell Oliver. He told me do it and collect the payment. Fayaz and Sameer informed me that since Fayaz was already working with Oliver, I have to show myself as a representative of the person arranging the information to get money from Oliver,” states the letter.

“It looks like a plot,” said Masih. When asked what the plot was and who was the scapegoat, Masih said: “I cannot comment on that. I can only tell you that Rizvi worked with Harvey.”

The letter states: “I was introduced to a person called Fayaz Rizvi by an acquaintance called Sameer. Sameer is a casual acquaintance of mine whom I know for the past six months.

“I was told to ask him (Harvey) for '3 for each (piece of) information and the total sum which he paid was $5,000. We had three meetings and gave the presentation about the process. I gave him the CD provided to me by Sameer and Oliver asked me to get different other details like medical, cards, which Fayaz and Sameer did not believe.”

When quizzed why the letter was not released last week, Masih said: “We had to give it to the police first and only then we could have given it to the media. There are no more details. We do not know whether Bahree has hired a counsel or not. His services have been terminated and we do not have any contact.”

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