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Vehicles take a walk
When Chittaranjan Saha, daughter Suma and son-in-law Subrata touched down from Agartala on Monday afternoon, a nightmare awaited them in Calcutta, in the form of a state-supported strike....  | Read.. 
Dredge order ignored
If the Calcutta Port Trust (CPT) had followed the judiciary's advice, MV Moni might not have crashed into the undersid...  | Read.. 
A killing for the cabbies
The Citu-sponsored transport strike left thousands of travellers arriving in the city by train or flight stranded and at the ...  | Read.. 
Cash-snatch bid leads to arrest of one
Taking advantage of Monday's transport strike, six armed men, on two motorcycles, wrested Rs 50,000 from a petrol pump employ...  | Read.. 
Thirsty man kills teen
A scuffle over a glass of water between a drunk man and an 18-year-old tea-stall worker resulted in the youngster's death in ...  | Read.. 
Card for car book arrives
The Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government on Monday started distribution of smart cards to the owners of old cars in Calcutta. ...  | Read.. 
Star show overcast
Weather spoils chance to see conjunction of Venus, Mercury & Saturn

It was the best chance, till 2030, to view three planets come as close as it gets. But the cloud cover spoilt the star show f ...  | Read.. 
A patient in distress is being taken to NRS Medical College and Hospital in a cycle van during Monday's transport strike in Calcutta. Picture by Pabitra Das
Vehicles take a walk
Hello, it's Tuesday, June 28, 2005
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 You share your birthday with...
John Cusack Your intellect is an attention-grabber. You project yourself confidently and use your energy effi ...Read.. 
Ally bullies CPM to concede post
The CPM on Monday buckled under pressure from the RSP and offered it the post of deputy mayor of the...  | Read.. 
Redo agenda for drainage
Barely a week after winning the majority in the Calcutta Municipal Corporat...  | Read.. 

House-owners will pay for tax swindle
House-owners who have no property tax pending but have misplaced the receip...  | Read.. 

Go slow with the books, let kids get real
Get real. That is the message coming from a major section of academics inv...  | Read.. 

Egged on to lay another 10 crore
Faced with a severe shortage of eggs in city markets, Buddhadeb Bhattacharj...  | Read.. 

...where family is the wealth
You have been very choosy about your films. Why did you opt for Viru...  | Read.. 

Tongue twister: Five-star fare in homely surroundings
The humble dhaba that has done highway travelling in India proud for...  | Read.. 
Fruit juice to vie with cola
Come July and you can savour your favourite fruit juice paying just Rs 10 f...  | Read.. 
Music zone: Rocking to a new groove
When most were rocking to retro, this gang made a subversive attack on Calc...  | Read.. 
Chit chat
If you and your loved ones seem to live in different time zones, keep in touch the ...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Music to food ' girls rule all the way
A new silver stop has opened in town. Sanchi, the first MMTC showroom opene...  | Read.. 
Feng Shui: Metal mayhem in interiors
Q: My son (DOB 25.04.71) will be getting married later this...  | Read.. 
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