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Greatest mysteries canít rest in peace
A 104-year-old convicted killer has reopened the debate over Papillon, the inmate of a notorious French prison in the Caribbean, by claiming that he was the real model for the character....  | Read.. 
Seaman in Ripper saga
A mental patient, a butcher, the artist Walter Sickert, a serial wife poisoner and even Queen Victoriaís grandson have ...  | Read.. 
Timeless trek of Wellsís War
The other-worldly visitors are tentacled and wild-eyed or streamlined and robot-like. ...  | Read.. 
Space collision sneak preview
The volatile nucleus of comet Tempel 1 blew off a stream of dust that was captured in an image by the Hubble Space Telescope ...  | Read.. 
Towers unthinkable
Wealthy Gulf Arab investors have only to snap their fingers and someone in Dubaiís burgeoning community of western-trai ...  | Read.. 
ĎDonít take her tantrumsí
I am a working girl. I live with my father and my sister, who is also employed. My sister does not do any household work but she is always finding fault with whatever I do. My...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Faceless agony
Like everywhere else in the world, we have our fair share of agony aunts, and indeed, as those who read Suhel Sethís column in Graphiti every Sunday will tell you,...  | Read.. 
Actor Brittany Murphy at Harrods department store in London on Monday where she opened its summer sale. (Reuters)