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Hitch was scarier
More than 40 years after he made her famous, Tippi Hedren, perhaps the ultimate Hitchcock blonde, hasn’t forgotten a detail about her relationship with the genius who, having failed to cage her, destroyed her career. “Hitch giveth and Hitch taketh away,” is how she sums it up...  | Read.. 
Chintu’s day out
There came a point when none of Vasanth M. Shetty’s guests were interested in talking to him. This, too, at a time when ...  | Read.. 
India: a million Mirzas now
Major’s mark
Farokh’s fable
Like father
Tittle tattle
Million dollar babies
The bulbs blaze down on them. On the makeshift boxing ring with a metal sheet for a roof, the girls in T-shirts and shorts are locked in a clinch, their foreheads glistening with sweat. A seemingly enthralled crowd watches the women boxers engaged in...  | Read.. 
Fair and handsome
If there’s one thing that unites the brown world, it's the common desire to bleach itself to whiteness. Aside from India, the areas that see a tremendous demand for fairness creams are Saudi Arabia, other parts of the Gulf, Africa, Malaysia...  | Read.. 
A college of her own
Our voice
Don’t watch TV
Wonder law
Hitch was scarier
Reel-life intrigue
It’s raining awards
That thing they do
For the record
Catch a tiger by his tale
So did he or didn’t he' Did he shoot the black buck or simply frighten it to death' Was M.A.K. ...  | Read..