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Verdict clouds Iran reforms
Ultra-conservative Tehran mayor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad swept to a stunning landslide victory in presidential elections today and immediately vowed to turn Iran into a strong and exemplary Islamic state. ...  | Read.. 
Groans, moans on the bourse
The teeming trading floor at the Tehran Stock Exchange was a hubbub of groans and barbed remarks today after hardline Tehran mayor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad trounced an economic li ...  | Read.. 
Second US mad cow disease case
The US reached out today to its major trading partners, including Japan and South Korea, to assure them that US beef was safe despite the discovery of a second US case of mad ...  | Read.. 
US justice statue wrap falls away
The cover-up is over at the US justice department. ...  | Read.. 
A girl holds a portrait of Ahmadinejad while celebrating his victory in Tehran. (AFP)
The android that talks
Meet the robot lobster and the android that not only smiles, frowns and blinks but also recognises ..  | Read.. 
Nicole?s nose Bewitched
Hollywood?s latest film remake of a TV show debuts this week with Bewitched, but the tw..  | Read.. 
Where is Palestine' Ask Bush
It was either a slip of the tongue ' or President George W. ...  | Read.. 

Body splits
Former Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, dubbed The Bo ...  | Read.. 

Aid concerts set for huge global broadcast
Live 8 concerts organised by Bob Geldof to raise awareness ...  | Read.. 

Britain loses appetite for curry visas
The government has withdrawn a short-term visa scheme w ...  | Read..