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That long night of knives
Thirty years almost to the day since the proclamation of Indira Gandhi's Emergency. That event had, at that moment, shaken to its roots the country's democratic structure. But apparently not a ripple is now left in the nation's memory. In any case, m...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
All in the mind
Sir ' Sumanta Sen may have his suspicions ('A lot of huffing and puffing', June 23), but let us ass ...  | Read.. 
Campus watch
Sir ' An 'agitation' is not necessarily a great thing. The slogans of the striking students of Jada ...  | Read.. 
The desirability of free trade agreements is often debated, theoretically as well as empirically. While economic gains, as op...| Read.. 
Peace initiatives rarely run along straight lines. The blast in Dispur shows once again how crooked the road to peace can be....| Read.. 
Poor Quality control
The All India Council for Technical Education recently made its presence felt when it cut 38,000 seats in engineering and oth...  | Read.. 
All women's dresses, in every age and country, are merely variations on the eternal struggle between the admitted desire to dress and the unadmitted desire to undress. ' LIN YUTANG
Heard melodies, and some lost in translation
Rasa Yatra: My Journey in Music By Mallikarjun Mansur, Roli, Rs 295...  | Read.. 
Locally global stories
Explorations in Connected History: From Tagus to the Ganges By Sanjay Subra...  | Read.. 
History and its clich's
KOLKATA CANVAS (Alchemy, Rs 595) is a portfolio of black-and-...  | Read.. 
Christ by the Cam
CHRIST’S: A CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE OVER FIVE CENTURIES Edited by David Reynolds, Macmillan, £ 25 ...  | Read.. 

God told me to strike at Al Qaida