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Secret mission
A super vacation

You should have checked more thoroughly what it was that I sold you,' explained Mickey. 'You would have then noticed that there were blank cartridges in the boxes.'

And then he shouted: 'Company, attack!'

In no time, the legionaries had defeated the sultan's army. There was absolutely no resistance put up. It was victory all the way! Black Pete, Cuthbert Crosspatch and the sultan had to admit defeat while gnashing their teeth in frustration. They were relieved of their weapons against their will and handcuffed.

'Search his pockets!' Mickey ordered two legionaries who stood near the sultan.

Finally, Mickey could heave a sigh of relief. And, as he suspected, in one of the pockets of the sultan was found the envelope with the notorious formula of Moroa. Mickey was overjoyed. He had found the formula, caught the thieves and prevented the cruel sultan from bringing murder and death to beautiful Borrokko.

When he was back in Duckburg a few days later, he gave a complete report to colonel Wetter. The colonel patted him on the shoulder and exclaimed, 'Bravo, Mr Mouse! Moroa was absolutely right. You are able to cope in any situation! You are the perfect secret agent. I would be very proud to be able to welcome you in our ranks.'

'Thank you, colonel, but unfortunately I cannot accept the that honour. This assignment was an exception. I would much prefer to remain in my detective agency and with Minnie.'

'I understand,' replied the colonel with a sigh. 'In this case I would at least like to hand you a cheque as a token of our recognition and appreciation.'

'Oh, many thanks, colonel. With this, Minnie and I can permit ourselves a super vacation.'

As Minnie came home that evening, she saw a strange man from afar, standing in front of her door. He wore a hat, had a beard and from the thick spectacles he had on, he was obviously as short-sighted as a mole.

Surprised, Minnie spoke to the strange fellow, 'Good day! Whom are you looking for'

The odd character produced a packet and a bouquet of flowers.

'For Ms Mouse. I have a couple of things here that will definitely appeal to her'

'I am Ms Mouse but I do not need anything,' Minnie cut him short.

'What! You don't like flowers'

'No, I'm allergic to pollen,' Minnie tried to get rid of him again.

'And jewellery'

'I have enough of that.'

'How about chocolates'

'Man, aren't you stubborn! I have already told you that I don't need anything. And now, please go.'

She firmly pushed past him and unlocked the house door. She wanted to slam the door in the face of this pushy guy, when he removed the hat from his head. She could not believe it ' it was Mickey!

'Mickey!' she shouted and embraced him warmly. 'How wonderful to see you back here again. From you I will naturally be happy to take the flowers, the jewellery and the chocolates. It is really sweet that you thought of presents for me after all you've been through. Moroa told me everything' I am sooo proud of you!'

'And you' asked Mickey, who had become red with all the compliments. 'How have things been with you'

'Oh! As they usually are,' replied Minnie modestly. 'While you've been away, I have convicted an art thief and put a stop to an anonymous writer of threatening letters.'

'Superb, Minnie! Then I could have accepted the job as secret agent without hesitation. You manage so well without me.'

'Maybe, but with the two of us, it's twice as much fun.'

'Honestly' asked Minnie and put on a doubtful expression.

'You silly! You know that. Moreover, life as a detective can wear one out completely, if one has to do the job alone'

'Don't I know that' In any case, I am also ready for a vacation now. And by the way, the colonel has handed me a fat cheque. With it, we could have an absolutely terrific vacation. You get to decide where we will go.'

Minnie looked at Mickey mischievously and then said smiling: 'If that is the case' I have always wanted to cross the desert of Borokko in a real caravan.'

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