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Indian-origin scandal snowballs in SA
South Africaís popular former deputy president Jacob Zuma will be charged with corruption in a case which has already seen his Indian-origin aide sentenced to 15 years in prison, state prosecutors said today. ...  | Read.. 
Partial Iran recount
Electoral authorities today ordered a limited recount of Iranís inconclusive presidential election after reformists accused military organisations of rigging the vote in ...  | Read.. 
Embryos from unripe eggs
Belgian scientists said today they have cloned the first human embryos from unripe eggs matured in the laboratory, an achievement that could help to overcome a stumbling bloc ...  | Read.. 
Pak link in US envoy plot
Afghan security forces have arrested three Pakistanis for allegedly planning to assassinate the US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, Washington's future envoy to Iraq, an Afg ...  | Read.. 
Carmen Electra at a music video awards show in Toronto. (Reuters)
Arroyo ringtone
Denim gets white hot
Itís a rock star thing. Just about any red-blooded young man has a centre-stage, live-in-c..  | Read.. 
Anger at Kuwait woman MP
Amid noisy protests by Islamist and conservative MPs, Kuwaitís first woman member of parliamen..  | Read.. 
Druid exodus to Stonehenge
Over 20,000 druids, spiritualists and revellers are expecte ...  | Read..