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Solar spaceship set for trail-blazing odyssey
Theorists and dreamers have imagined for decades a spacecraft whisking silently through the inky vastness of space, sailing on light rays from the sun....  | Read.. 
Cruise cross with ‘jerk’
Tom Cruise lashed out after being squirted with water at the London premiere of his new film, repeatedly calling the man ...  | Read.. 
Fat fight in US schools
When Annette Evanson sends her son off to elementary school each day, she packs him a lunch stocked with carrot sticks, whol ...  | Read.. 
Brad, Billy Bob ink Peace deal
Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Pitt now have something more than Angelina Jolie in common. ...  | Read.. 
Coffee Break: Wrong move
L ike many mothers and daughters, Madhuri was very close to her daughter, Vinita, aged 15. She took great pride in the fact that she and her daughter were more friends than m...  | Read.. 
Coming to the aid of senior citizens
Apassion for bioinformatics leaves no room for boredom. Dr Savitri Reddy is 70 and lives alone in Bangalore. The retired Delhi University professor closely follows every new d...  | Read.. 
Tom Cruise wipes his face after being doused with water . (AP)