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An illusory revolution
In the late-Seventies, China was engulfed by a bizarre political campaign. The Communist Party of China, at least a section of it, launched a vicious attack on Ludwig van Beethoven. Naturally, the assault wasn't really on one of the icons of Western ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
While the campus burns
Sir ' I was a student of electrical engineering at Jadavpur University from 1955-59 and an executiv ...  | Read.. 
India cannot be ruled by a party preaching hatred and discrimination. This simple and self-evident truth has been discovered ...| Read.. 
Between readers and TV-watchers, who are likely to imbibe more trash' This is a more up-to-date version of 'Is reading better...| Read.. 
Too much to Learn
Indian students feeling suicidal aren't alone; their counterparts in China share the same feelings for the same reason: exam ...  | Read.. 
All the same, you know parents ' especially step-parents' are sometimes a disappointment to their children. They don't fulfil the promise of their early years. ' ANTHONY DYMOKE POWELL
Inhuman care
Never Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro, Faber, '6.50...  | Read.. 
Intrigues and roast chicken
Westward Bound: Travels of Mirza Abu Taleb Edited by Mushirul Hasan, O...  | Read.. 
Moving in the shadows
SURFACE By Siddhartha Deb Picador, Rs 495...  | Read.. 
Big city, bright lights
The Delhi that No-one Knows By R.V. Smith, Chronicle, Rs 350...  | Read.. 
Judge a book also by its cover
Why don't the covers of up-market fiction reflect the contents of the novel...  | Read.. 

Princesses don't swoon any more