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The Sexy 60s
Snowy-haired Durga Khote dispensed this piece of immortal wisdom: “Soorat sau nu, kapda hazaar nu, zevar laakh nu'aur nakhra karod nu!” She was trying to transform her frumpy granddaughter Sadhana in Love in Simla (1960). Soon...  | Read.. 
Hair and now
It is said that a perfect woman is the one with long hair. Long hair is the precious gift given to women and it enhances thei ...  | Read.. 
‘I like to sell a dream’
Q:How does it feel to be called Padmashri Shah Rukh Khan' No one calls me that! It’s a huge honour. I’m glad ...  | Read.. 
Breathing life into cinema of hope
A film about a little terminally ill boy and his grandfather, Shwaas in Marathi came like a breath of fresh air. It go ...  | Read.. 
Where no man goes!
Always trying to raise the bar is Anindya Sarkar who struck out with Sri Ramakrishna, went on to do Indubala an ...  | Read.. 
The zodiac ordained it
You wanted a coup on the small screen, you got it. Ever since Aparna Sen used Sohag Sen for an intensive acting workshop befo ...  | Read.. 
Art, life, cinema and TV
Sometimes art, especially cinema and television, does imitate life. Like Biplab Dasgupta shooting two telefilms back-to-back, ...  | Read.. 
Box-office Curves
It’s easy to get carried away by what Randeep Hooda has done in ‘D’ last week, or what Vidya Balan has ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
Everyone who mattered seemed to be in Amsterdam for the IIFA awards. NDTV’s camera followed them all across ...  | Read.. 
Our Hero No. 1 is making a comeback (another one') with his home production, Ssukh. Note the double ‘S’ in t ...  | Read.. 
Sheemaroo brings B.R. Chopra’s much-acclaimed, superhit movie ...  | Read.. 
Riotous parody
Feastful of Prosenjit
Beware this biwi
But where’s the praja'
The Sexy 60s
Glossy plastic version