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After all the fun and games, what about a bit of folk painting' That's the question the 30 kids asked, as they walked into the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (EZCC) for a folk-painting workshop that began on June 8 at the EZCC Bharatiyam complex in Salt Lake. And there was lots to pick up at the workshop, which got over yesterday. There were many styles ' Pithora paintings from Madhya Pradesh, Kalighat paintings from Calcutta (in ) and other folk paintings from Orissa. Admission was free and the kids took maximum advantage of it, going back home a lot richer in their idea of the folk arts of our country.

tune in

The life of Meena is just like that of any other small village kid. She lives with her family of six. They even have three animals ' Lali the cow, Munmun the calf and Mithu the parrot. She goes to school everyday with her brother Raju, but sitting in class, Meena has many questions cropping up in her mind. Why don't all boys and girls go to school' Why do some girls get less food' Why do some parents prefer boys to girls' Meena soon realises, the answers are not always easy. And as she tries to find out what they are, she also learns a lot more about life itself. If you want to find out what the answers are, tune in to the channel Bangla Akhon every Monday at 5:30 pm to see what Meena has to say.

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