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Man who has seen three centuries
Frankly, for a man tasked with preaching safe sex, Habib Miyan tells stories that are particularly raunchy. It?s a sweltering summer afternoon, and India?s longest surviving centenarian ' by one count he is as old as 136 ' is counting beads...  | Read.. 
Sunrise over tide country
For Niranjan Giri, life ebbs and flows with the rhythms of the tide country. Giri is a boatman in the Sundarbans, the generic ...  | Read.. 
Old boys of Sherwood
Jinnah?s journey
Nancy girl
Goodbye, Anne
Tittle tattle
An eye for an eye
When Aishwarya Rai finally met Kiranjit Ahluwalia, the Sikh woman she is portraying in the film, Provoked, the two women hugged each other. The director, Jagmohan Mundhra, had deliberately kept Aishwarya away from Kiranjit until the shoot was ...  | Read.. 
Get in the ring
In the film Million-Dollar Baby, Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris says of bloodsport: ?If there?s magic in boxing, it?s the magic of fighting battles beyond endurance...  | Read.. 
Tsunami brides
Rat trap
Matching up
Oh boy!
AGE OF EXPERIENCE: Habib Miyan with children of the sixth generation of his family
Man who has seen three centuries
naturally geek
Novel exhibition
Short and sweet
Golden oldies
Press here for hullabaloo
Not only have I finally visited the Press Club, congratulate me, I?ve lived to tell the tale...  | Read..