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Computer horror haunts Hollywood
It’s an eagerly-awaited prequel. It has at its heart a troubled young man wrestling with his dark side, who ends up prowling around menacingly in a long black cloak. And it’s not Star Wars Episode III....  | Read.. 
Arun’s wife gets over Liz
As Liz Hurley celebrated her 40th birthday today, Valentina Pedroni, wife of Liz’s lover Arun Nayar, declared she had c ...  | Read.. 
Painkillers heighten heart attack risk
Painkillers, including ibuprofen, can significantly increase the risk of having a heart attack, researchers say today. ...  | Read.. 
With the wind in our hair
Braving National Highway 22 under the fury of the May sun was not an experience I expected to savour, but then I’d do anything for the thrill of a bike ride. And as fello...  | Read.. 
Singer Lisa Marie Presley (left) and her mother Priscilla Presley at the American Society of Young Musicians' concert in Los Angeles. Lisa Marie was h ...  | Read