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Marketing makeover
You can spot him easily ' the confused young man with a shopping basket overflowing with chips, some frozen cold cuts, chanachur, soda, Maggi, a packaged Chicken Chettinad. A young techie after a hard day's work about to unwind with his...  | Read.. 
The cordless click
The brand is as ubiquitous in India as the mice and keyboard that it manufactures. But the time has come, feels Logitech, to ...  | Read.. 
A paradigm shift
The aim: to provide a comfortable and well-equipped studio space in Calcutta. The tools: high-end audio and video equipment. ...  | Read.. 
Message in a muddle
This is an old story. Many years back, Justice Hidaytullah was speaking at a gathering of advertising professionals. The stor...  | Read.. 
... pretending we just do not see
On Tuesday, we came across a sick stray dog lying right in the middle of Beniapukur Lane, an alley that snakes past my home. ...  | Read.. 
Marketing makeover
Hello, it's Sunday, June 05, 2005
Green hours
Canvas call
City Lights
Grab a bite at Hangout, watch a flick at INOX and run through the racks at Shopper’s Stop. If you thought you were through with City Centre, hold on tight to your shopping baskets ...  | Read.. 
Bangalore clubwear in Calcutta disco
That Calcutta is yet to find a mature fashion audience was once again estab...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Laugh riot to regale wannabe achievers
He can extemporise a back-chat, crack jokes at the drop of a hat and make y...  | Read.. 
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