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With Sufi on his mind

Last seen, William Dalrymple was riding on camelback, complete with turban and burnoose, into the sandy expanses of the Sahara. Okay, we’re exaggerating. But the writer-historian was, indeed, on his way to Morocco, to film the music festival at Fez, when we last heard from him. The trip comprised the last leg of shooting for a three-part Channel 4 documentary on Sufi music. “I am writing and presenting the doc,” Dalrymple revealed before setting out last week. The team has already shot at Sufi hubs like Nizamuddin and Ajmer in India, Baba Shah Jamal and Bhit Shah (Pakistan), Aleppo and Seidnaya (Syria) and Istanbul. Sounds like music to our ears. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat

Stick ’em up

To settle the question once and for all ' there is a lot more to Mallika Sherawat than Cannes and Chan. You can take our word for it, if you haven’t seen for yourself, the show of My Short Skirt, her two-minute skit at Prithvi Theatre last Sunday. The show, which marked the 100th Indian performance of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, placed Mallika’s performance in perspective after allegations that women invite rape by dressing provocatively. But then, that didn’t stop the catcalls when Mallika left the stage. After all, some things never change.


Special effects

Nothing’s tougher than getting rid of zits, as Daniel Radcliffe and the cast of Goblet of Fire realised on the sets. A special effects wizard finally bailed them out by painting out the pimples. Just what the doctor ordered.

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