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Rumsfeld backs India to hit China
US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned today that China’s failure to match economic freedoms with democratic reforms could raise tensions and undermine its growing influence in the world. ...  | Read.. 
Rare Korea praise for Bush
North Korea offered rare praise to President George W. Bush today, saying the US leader addressing the north’s leader as “Mr Kim Jong-il” improved the tone for ...  | Read.. 
Dead babies
The bodies of four babies have been found at a house in Austria ' two in a freezer, one in a bucket of concrete and another in a nearby shed ' police said today. ...  | Read.. 
Euro sucked into crisis
Europe foundered in its bid to contain the damage over a new EU constitution today as the fate of the euro single currency became increasingly swept up in the crisis engulfin ...  | Read.. 
Janet Jackson on the last day of Michael Jackson's trial at the Santa Barbara courthouse in Santa Maria, California, on Friday. According to CNN, Mich ...  | Read
Doctors back Europe fat tax
Fifty-eight per cent of family doctors in Europe support the introduction of a “fat tax” ..  | Read.. 
Diaz sues
Cameron Diaz has sued The National Enquirer tabloid for more than $10 million over a story t..  | Read..