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Emergency erased
A razor-sharp memory, particularly the ability to use legal precedents to full advantage, is what makes a lawyer tick. For politicians, however, any over-familiarity with history isn't a professional attribute, at least not when it involves communica...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Tailor-made justice
Sir ' As 'Tailors prepare verdict day suit' (May 30), they also open our eyes to the similarity of ...  | Read.. 
Erring on optimism
Sir ' The recent Central announcement of a steep decline in the number of new HIV infections ' from ...  | Read.. 
There is many a slip between a bill and the act. The proposed scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and other backward classe...| Read.. 
Anything that promises to end the blood-letting in Assam should be a welcome sign. The important thing is to keep the promise...| Read.. 
Sealed against time
How do you protect the Taj Mahal from industrial pollution and commercialization' How do you preserve Jaisalmer's ancient bui...  | Read.. 
If you strike a child take care that you strike it in anger, even at the risk of maiming it for life. A blow in cold blood neither can nor should be forgiven. ' G.B. SHAW
Direct light
The Future of India: Economics, politics and Governance By Bimal Jalan, ...  | Read.. 
Not by price alone
Do lower prices increase the sales of a book' It is an endless debate amon...  | Read.. 
Many names, one life
Old Filth By Jane Gardam, Chatto and Windus, ' 9.75...  | Read.. 
For a more equal world
India and the world: A blueprint for partnership and growth Edited by Nam...  | Read.. 
Great men and myths
Patton and Rommel: Men of war in the twentieth century
By Dennis Showalter, Penguin, Rs 920...  | Read.. 
The Empire in a