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Shock appointments
For those in Washington who have been practising or reporting diplomacy, the last two months have been a thriller of sorts. Much of these thrills are owed to one person: President George W. Bush's nominee for the job of the United States of America's...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Tearing a page
Sir ' One could understand the Maharashtra government doing away with the dance bars in ...  | Read.. 
No entry
Sir ' The West Bengal forest department's decision to ban umbrellas inside Calcutta parks will prev ...  | Read.. 
Dear departed
Sir ' With the death of Sunil Dutt, India has lost one of its finest actors. Dutt was also an hone ...  | Read.. 
Dismissed with a monosyllable: such has been the fate of the new European constitution. And this shattering little No comes f...| Read.. 
Semantic quibbles often make for good political rhetoric. The chief minister of West Bengal, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, an arde...| Read.. 
With blood on their hands
Naxalite violence is one of the reasons given out for the lack of development in states like Chhattisgarh. Development is sai...  | Read.. 
An English school for Katna
Jugnu Ramaswamy had started Jagriti School in 1990 to educate Delhi’s street children. Under the aegis of Street Survivors India...  | Read.. 
Emergency measures
If...the Director-General and the State Party in whose territory the event arises do not come to a consensus within 48 hours on whether the event constitutes a public health e...  | Read.. 
Reasonable orders are easy enough to obey; it is capricious, bureaucratic or plain idiotic demands that form the habit of discipline. ' BARBARA W. TUCHMAN