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Teacher: Raju, why did you do only three sums out of the 10 in the examination'

Raju: Sir, have you forgotten that we should be satisfied with only a little and not ask for more'

Akhilesh Kumar, Class VI,
Victoria Boys School, Kurseong, Darjeeling

Rahul: Name a person whose life is full of ups and downs.

Sanjay: A liftman.

Ankur Kacholia, Class VII,
St Thomas Boys School, Calcutta

Teacher: Disha, I asked you to write the spellings 15 times since you are weak in English. Why have you done them only 10 times'

Disha: I'm poor in maths too.

Sarani Dasgupta, Class VII,
Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan, Calcutta

Q: What did Rahul do when he missed bus no. 66'

A: He took bus no. 33 twice!

Shambaditya Das, Class VIII,
St Xavier's School, Malda, West Bengal

Sourav: Suman, come here quickly! There's a a mouse in the trap.

Suman: Why are you calling me' Do I look like a cat to you'

Anant Goyal, Class VIII,
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Calcutta

Judge: This is the tenth time you've come here in the past month. I'll fine you Rs 100.

Thief: Don't I get a discount for being a regular customer'

Sweta Padma Pattnaik, Class VII,
St Vincent's Convent School, Balasore, Orissa

First goat: While I was eating grass last evening, I chewed up a cinema ticket and cried for three hours.

Second goat: Must have been the ticket to a really sad movie!

Banashree Saha, Class V,
St Xavier's School, Karandighi, West Bengal

Doctor: How's the patient feeling now'

Nurse: Oh, he's much better. He started speaking this morning.

Doctor: Really' What did he say'

Nurse: He said he was feeling much worse.

Somwrita Chatterjee, Class V,
West Point Academy, Serampore, West Bengal

Director: So, is your play neat and clean'

Writer: Oh yes, it is. The first scene shows a woman sweeping the floor and the play ends with a scene in the bathroom.

Aditya Gokhale, Class VI,
Army School, Binnaguri, West Bengal

Teacher: I want the class to draw a picture of a cow eating grass.

Amit submits a blank sheet after some time.

Teacher: Amit, where's your cow and the grass'

Amit: She has finished the grass and gone away.

Rajiv Prasad, Class VII,
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Calcutta

Old relative: How old are you, Rahul'

Rahul: I'm 14.

Old relative: But your mother told me yesterday that you're 19.

Rahul: Yes, that's right. But I learnt counting when I was five.

Arindam Saha, Class VIII,
Birati High School, Calcutta

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