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Love, lust, deceit and murder
Killer buried bodies in old factory yard

A murdering gangster and his philandering mistress were at the centre of a gruesome tale of love, lust and retribution, dug up on Tuesday.

Sleuths picked up Trilokinath Shaw, 42-year-old Kasba mobster, for the murder of his mistress Mamoni Das and Gopal Shaw, his rival, who was allegedly having an affair with Mamoni.

Trilokinath slit Gopal's throat around seven months ago. Later, when Mamoni refused to fall in line, he shot her, around a month and a half ago.

He buried them both on the grounds of an old factory in Swinhoe Lane, off Bijon Setu, from where the bodies were recovered on Tuesday.

'Trilokinath has several cases of extortion, dacoity and arms act offences pending against him,' said Soumen Mitra, deputy inspector-general of police (CID).

A 'terror of the Kasba area', Trilokinath ran a satta and gambling racket. The resident of KN Sen Road formed his own gang a few years ago and has been extorting promoters developing properties in the Kasba and Bosepukur areas.

The CID has also arrested two of Trilokinath's associates ' Raju Nath, alias Rajua, and Biswanath Dutta, alias Bishu. The two had allegedly helped him bury the bodies.

Married with a daughter, Mamoni would go with Trilokinath on holidays to places like Puri, Shimla and Darjeeling.

Trilokinath would also allegedly bear her monthly household expenses.

But during the four-year extra-marital affair, Mamoni, a resident of Telipara, off Kasba, also had a number of other romantic entanglements.

'She would go around with others, including Gopal Shaw, which Trilokinath couldn't bear,' police explained.

'For four years, I suffered because of Mamoni. When the situation became unbearable, I shot her,' said Trilokinath, after police pulled out Mamoni's remains from the hidden grave.

He had pulled the trigger, he said, after a two-hour drinking session together. 'I tried my best to change her ways, but she wouldn't listen,' he complained.

Mamoni, he said, even went away with the owner of a local sweet shop for a few days.

While an impassive Trilokinath admitted that jealousy and heartache drove him to kill Mamoni, he would not say much about the murder of 25-year-old Gopal. They were rivals, was all he would reveal.

On Tuesday, the bodies were exhumed from their separate pits at two ends of the industrial site and sent for forensic examination.

On the basis of Trilokinath's confession, a team of Criminal Investigation Department officers, including special superintendent Debasish Roy and deputy superintendent of police Deep Narayan Goswami, went to the sprawling industrial address in Swinhoe Lane.

At the north-eastern end of the site, they found the body of Gopal Shaw, covered in salt under layers of fish meal dust. Mamoni's body was found buried near a naphthalene ball-manufacturing unit on the premises.

'It appears Trilokinath first strangled Gopal and then slit his throat with a razor. And in the case of Mamoni, he shot her in the left temple,' explained special superintendent Roy, on the basis of preliminary findings.

The thug has been arrested on at least five previous occasions, including once by Kasba police station around a year-and-a-half ago while he was assembling with his gang members for a dacoity.

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