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Cash 'n' carry Calcuttan

Running shoes for nearly Rs 9,000; shades for Rs 23,000...

To flash your cash ain't as easy as it used to be. With international players jostling for space on city shelves, the price tag is soaring up, up and away from your average stylebhai. But here's the good news: smaller status symbols are just a greedy grab away, even if your pocket protests.

If you want to be the most hip kid on the consumer block, browse through some of the priciest picks in the crowded accessories marketplace. These may not be the most expensive, but they are high on both price and popularity.

These tell you why there is madness at the malls and a retail revolution running through town. These tell you about a generation for whom shopping is a way of life, purse power is paramount and earning is just a means to spending.

Here's looking at the Calcutta consumer packing it in and carrying it off...


Shades (Oakley)

Where: GKB Opticals or Lawrence & Mayo

How Much: Rs 23,000

USP: A fave with sports people, hot with the young and fashion conscious. Patented lenses promise better peripheral vision.

Lipstick (Shiseido Perfecting)

Where: Shoppers' Stop, City Centre

How much: Rs 1,200

USP: Adds volume to the lips. In 16 shades, charged with Vitamins A and E, the lipstick is said to prevent darkening of lips, with high moisture content

Perfume (Classic, by Jean Paul Gaultier)

Where: Shoppers' Stop, City Centre

How much: Rs 8,900 for a 30 ml bottle

USP: The tiny orange bottle is in the shape of a woman dressed in a corset. The perfume is made from pure extracts and contains no alcohol concentration

Wristwatch (Cartier)

Where: Exclusive Lines, 4/1 Camac Street

How much: Rs 10 lakh

USP: Made from white or yellow gold, the ornamental yet dainty timepiece is studded with diamonds around the round dial

Shoes (Swarovski-studded)

Where: Metro outlet in Forum

How much: Rs 19,990

USP: Designed by footwear designer Farah Bhanji, the leather upper is covered with a layer of fabric and studded with crystals

Party bag (Hidesign)

Where: Hidesign, City Centre

How much: Rs 5,000

USP: The tiny, black cow-leather bag is big enough to hold your lipstick, mobile phone and credit cards. Embellished with antique silver

Cell phone (Nokia 7280)

Where: Nokia dealers

How much: Rs 24,000

USP: Called the 'lipstick phone' because of its size, this feminine phone packs in voice-dialling facilities and a one megapixel camera

Cost to consumer: Rs 10,82,090


Shades (Mont Blanc)

Where: GKB Opticals

How much: Rs 21,065

USP: The rimless pairs come only in grey, with square dark-tinted lenses and a steel frame

Spectacles (Cartier)

Where: Himalaya Optico or GKB Opticals

How much: Rs 58,000

USP: The frames are made of titanium. They come in gold or platinum with 23-carat gold-plated rims

Belt (Tommy Hilfiger)

Where: 10, Elgin Road

How much: Rs 3,000

USP: These two-inch belts in black and brown have medium-sized buckles with semi-formal appeal

Tie (Versace)

Where: Tie Bar at Forum

How much: Rs 4,650

USP: Slender ties in pure silk, some hand-painted. Available in bright hues of orange, purple, blue, green

Watch (Corum)

Where: Exclusive Lines, 4/1 Camac Street

How much: Rs 10 lakh

USP: These automatic Swiss watches are made of 18-carat gold. The dial is a gold coin

Sneakers (Nike Shox TL)

How much: Rs 8,900

Where: Nike Showroom, Forum

USP: These running shoes have 12 'shox columns' in the mid-soles that absorb body weight. The upper sole has a mesh to facilitate circulation of air. Available in black, sizes 6 to 11

Cell phone (Nokia 9500)

Where: Nokia dealers

How much: Rs 36,500

USP: Business communicator with 200 MB rapid access memory. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, can run Windows. It has a large colour screen and full keyboard, besides an in-built camera and polyphonic ringer.

Cost to consumer: Rs 11,32,115

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