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Antarctica gets heavier every year
The eastern half of Antarctica is gaining weight, more than 45 billion tonnes a year, according to a new scientific study....  | Read.. 
Have salad and soup, win an iPod
The city that gave the world the deep fried Mars bar has resorted to bribery to promote healthy eating in schools. ...  | Read.. 
Why a style statement gets a crime label
Hooded sweatshirts are the latest in a long line of pop culture fashions to be deemed anti-social, usually by the kind o ...  | Read.. 
I’m in love, shouts Cruise
Tom Cruise is smitten with the charms of Katie Holmes. “I love this woman,” Cruise says in an interview to air ...  | Read.. 
When you run just for fun
The radio advertisement was targeted at the tired techie, stuck in a traffic jam while returning home. “We chase dreams, chase deadlines, chase careers,” went the ad...  | Read.. 
Spanish actor Penelope Cruz at the Cinema Against AIDS 2005 charity event of the American Foundation for Drugs Research in Mougins, southern France. (Reuters)