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Confess wrap-up to couple killing
- Domestic help held for twin murders in apartment block gives sleuths a blow-by-blow account

'Pehle Bankasaab ke maathe pe jor se mara, cheekhne ka koi mouka nahin diya (First I hit Bankasaab on the head, giving him no chance to scream).

Jab unhone koi awaz nahin kiya, main kitchen se frying pan uthaya, bedroom ke andar ghusa aur Sardaji ko mara. (When he uttered no sound, I went to the kitchen to collect a frying pan, entered the bedroom and hit his wife).

A blow-by-blow narration by domestic help Kebol Roy has helped police reconstruct the brutal murder of Tarachand Banka, 68, and his wife Sarda, 56, early on April 18, at Mansarovar apartments on Camac Street.

Roy, who had entered the Banka household on April 10 as Pancham, was arrested on Saturday from Ghorparan, a remote village in Bihar.

'Initially, he tried to cook up a number of stories involving fictitious characters and prove himself innocent. When we told him that we had collected his fingerprints from the apartment, he had no option but to confess,' said an officer of the detective department's homicide wing.

In the course of interrogation, Roy revealed how the murder plan had been hatched in 48 hours, ever since the domestic help saw Tarachand stashing away some valuables in an almirah for a wedding in the family.

Gyanwant Singh, deputy commissioner (I) of police, detective department, said sleuths were on the trail of Roy's loot. 'He had decamped with valuables worth Rs 20 lakh. A police team left for Bihar on Sunday to try and retrieve the goods,' added Singh.

Roy told police how he had not slept the night before the twin murders. 'There was a door between my room and their flat, which used to be locked at night. Tarachandsaab used to wake up to collect the milk packets every morning and then sleep on a couch in the drawing room, leaving the door open. I was waiting for that,' he recounted.

'I waited for 10 minutes and allowed saab to fall asleep again. I opened my door and saw him lying on the couch,' Roy added.

According to sleuths of the homicide department, Roy first hit Tarachand on the back of his head with an iron rod. 'And after hitting his wife Sarda with a frying pan, he slit her throat with a dagger,' said an officer.

After killing the couple, Roy spent more than half-an-hour in the apartment. 'In a bid to erase fingerprints, he washed almost everything, including the taps in the toilet, that he had touched before and after the killings. But we were fortunate that he forgot to erase the fingerprints he left on the knob of the almirah while taking out the valuables. This helped us prove his hand in the murder,' said a sleuth.

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