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Not by science alone
While the 'scientific temper' flourishes best in a modern society, it does not mean that a modern person is by definition one who is sceptical, materialist, rational, and demands proofs for everything. While this point of view has an instinctive appe...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The great Indian nightmare
Sir ' Talent hunt shows have been, for some years now, the young Indian's shortcut to fame and succ ...  | Read.. 
Question of belief
Sir ' Whether India's latest polar satellite launch vehicle owed its launch to Balaji's grace or th ...  | Read.. 
The Reserve Bank of India has produced new guidelines for the corporate debt restructuring scheme and a vision document on fi...| Read.. 
One could dismiss it as a loser's last gamble. But the abuses that Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav has hurled at the Election Commissio...| Read.. 
Writing on the rocks
It is after three years that I am in a village, on top of a hill, on the outskirts of Manali, facing snow ranges all around m...  | Read.. 
Prey on the crisis
The politics of the tiger does make headlines. But rarely does it get as serious as it has over the last fortnight. The prime minister, Manmohan Singh, ...  | Read.. 
If you are thinking what we're thinking
Many years ago, I read a poem called 'The Ambiguous Fate of Gieve Patel, He being neither Muslim nor Hindu in India'. The poem suggested that the author couldn't, as a Parsi, ...  | Read.. 
Alas! the devil's sooner raised than laid/ So strong, so swift, the monster there's no gagging:/ Cut Scandal's head off, still the tongue is wagging. ' R.B. SHERIDAN