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Killed, for a glass of water

Krishnagar, May 7: A man who was ostracised by a local Salishi board in Nadia murdered a woman and her 10-year-old son today after being denied a glass of water by them.

A member of the local panchayat was also seriously injured when he tried to save Amina, 30, and Subhankar when they were attacked at their home at Ramchandrapur in Nabadwip, 100 km from Calcutta.

The killer was caught by residents of the area and handed over to police.

Police officials said the woman and her son were following the diktats of the local Salishi board when they refused to give the man a glass of water.

'The Salishi board had last week ostracised Haru Ghosh, who runs an unauthorised country liquor shop in Ramchandrapur village. The villagers cut off all relationship with him. They even stopped interacting with him. Today, Ghosh became furious after he was refused a glass of water,' said Biswarup Ghosh, the additional superintendent of police, Nadia.

Police personnel have learnt during preliminary investigation that Buddhadeb Pramanik, the deceased woman's husband, was present at the Salishi meeting. Pramanik had even played a key role in getting Ghosh ostracised.

Ghosh had gone to Pramanik's house around 10.30 this morning in an attempt to resolve the matter. However, Ghosh found that Pramanik was not at home.

The ostracised man decided to wait for Pramanik and, after a while, asked Anima for a glass of water.

'However, Anima, aware of the Salishi board's decision, did not give Ghosh water to drink,' according to a police officer.

Amina told Ghosh to leave her house promptly and shut the door on him.

The ostracised man then asked Subhankar, who was playing in the courtyard, to bring him a glass of water. However, the Class IV student of a local primary school also refused.

'At this, Ghosh turned furious and tried to throttle Subhankar,' said an officer of Nabadwip police station. 'On hearing her son's screams, Anima came out with a kitchen knife. Sensing trouble, Ghosh ran out of the house,' said the officer.

On leaving the Pramanik home, Ghosh came upon a farmer on his way to his field with a sickle in hand. The ostracised man snatched the sickle and returned to the Pramanik home. He then attacked Amina and Subhankar.

Ghosh first chopped off the boy's left hand, according to the additional superintendent of police.

'The boy fainted and slumped on the courtyard. His mother then rushed out into the courtyard, when Ghosh attacked her, brutally hacked away at her,' said the police officer.

Drawn by Anima's cries, neighbour Jiban Chakraborty, a member of the local Bablari gram panchayat, rushed to the spot to see her and the child lying in a pool of blood.

'Ghosh was about to flee when Chakraborty reached the Pramanik home. The ostracised man then attacked Chakraborty, who slumped in front of the main entrance of his neighbour's house,' according to a police official.

Residents of the area rushed to spot, alerted by the hue and cry. The people who had gathered saw Ghosh standing in front of Pramanik's house with the blood-stained sickle in his hand. They then caught hold of him and started beating him up.

Officers from Nabadwip police station rushed to the village and arrested the killer.

Amina and Subhankar were rushed to the Nabadwip State General Hospital where the woman was declared dead on arrival. Her son succumbed to injuries after two hours.

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