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Ahead of polls, Blair majority melting away
With only a day to go before Thursday's general election in Britain, Tony Blair's massive majority of 161 in the last parliament seems to be melting away faster than an ice cream in the Calcutta sun. ...  | Read.. 
Britons blog to vent their anger
Once Britons wanting to vent their political spleen either had to write to the Times or take their soapbox to Speakers Corner in London's Hyde Park for a rant. ...  | Read.. 
Women miss Kuwait vote
Kuwaiti women will not be able to take part in local elections this year after a suffrage bill was delayed in parliament, but similar polls in 2009 could yet be opened to the ...  | Read.. 
Pak scribes protest for more wages
Pakistani journalists got police batons instead of an audience with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz today during a protest over better salaries. ...  | Read.. 
Prime Minister Tony Blair (left) answers a question posed by Mohammed Jaffer (right) in Gloucester. (AFP)
Towing trauma
Cholesterol diet wars
A low-fat diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans has twice the cholesterol-lowerin..  | Read.. 
'Beautiful' mummy found
Archaeologists discovered what could be the most finely decorated mummy ever found in Egypt, Zahi H..  | Read.. 
Africa polio strain hits Java
A case of polio has been detected in Indonesia, World H ...  | Read..