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Consumers expect government’s electricity tariff policy to improve availability and quality while bringing down tariffs. This last is an unreasonable expectation when coal, oil and gas prices, the main cost as fuels for generating electricity, are rising. ...  | Read.. 
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Living together
Sir ' The Supreme Court has upheld the right of a cooperative society in Mumbai to have Parsi membe ...  | Read.. 
Old tricks
Sir ' It is well known that the Bharatiya Janata Party lost power at the Centre because its claim o ...  | Read.. 
Other-worldly aspirations never went against worldly acquisitions ' any well-to-do temple in India would stand witness to tha...| Read.. 
The safety of senior citizens in their own homes ' whose concern should this be' The brutal murder of Tara Chand and Sarda Ba...| Read.. 
Invent the enemy
The Chinese government has now ordered the public to cool it ' 'Do not take part in protest activities that have not been app...  | Read.. 
General Musharraf's turnabout
By his own admission, General Pervez Musharraf has had a change of heart from the time he came to Agra. On almost every issue concerned with Kashmir, Musharraf has made a 180-...  | Read.. 
Who will bell the VAT cat'
The latest word to have enriched the Indian vocabulary ' after 'tsunami' ' is, of course, VAT. But we haven't progressed very far from the expanded form of the word, value-ad...  | Read.. 
I have no faith in human perfectibility...Man is now only more active ' not more happy ' nor more wise, than he was 6,000 years ago. ' EDGAR ALLAN POE