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Written in blood
If recent history were to repeat itself, the largest effort yet to study human genetic material may be dubbed as 'the return of the vampire'. An international team of scientists announced earlier this month a plan to collect blood samples and extract DNA from some 100,000 people around the world, in...  | Read.. 
Precision killing of cancer cells
Researchers at the Rice University, US, have invented a new imaging and treatment method that can both detect and treat the killer disease. According ...  | Read.. 
A sunlit lunar outpost
Say you are NASA and you want to set up a lunar outpost, and you want lots of sunlight to power it. Well then, Houston, you've got a problem. Since th ...  | Read.. 
Calorie concern
You are what your ancestors ate. And those ancestors would pick and choose fruits, nuts, seeds and the occasional helping of meat or fish. Most of the ...  | Read.. 
Not fully rational or logical
If art and science mix, then the field of anatomy has long been a thick burgoo. For centuries, the anatomist relied on the artist to record the dry de ...  | Read.. 
DNA scan
Popcorn secret
Bomb sniffer
Doctors' mistake
The real culprit
Partial views
Enthusiastic claims
In June, Panasonic will introduce Oxyride batteries: AA and AAA disposable batteries that the company calls 'the most significant developments in primary battery technology in 40 years'. According to Panasonic, these batteries last up to twice as lon ...  | Read.. 
New cooler
Faster transistor
The final hurdle
For much of the first half of the 20th century, polio conjured up every parent's worst nightmare: children who could not walk without steel braces; others imprisoned in large tank respirators called iron lungs, gasping for every breath. Still others ...  | Read.. 
A new ray of hope
Costly mistakes in risk estimates
Advanced step
Red wine can also shoot up your BP
Schoolbus air poisonous
Bright light can relieve stress
Gadget to feel your pulse
QED: Are mobiles safe'
Technology, which we often take for granted, sometimes puts us in a great dilemma. With the burgeoning numbers of cellphone users ' more than 1,500,000,000 people worldwide already ' debates are now converging on its unexpected risks and unintended ...  | Read.. 
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