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Prayer against dark deserts
Pope Benedict XVI took charge of his Church at a majestic inauguration today and set down a spiritual manifesto for his papacy with a plea for humanity to escape a desert of suffering and embrace God. ...  | Read.. 
Pope problem
Feeling frustrated because you can't remember where you left something' Don't worry: even the Pope loses things sometimes. ...  | Read.. 
Fatal fat figures lose weight, food fight gathers steam
A political food fight has broken out in America after obesity was downgraded from the country's biggest killer after smoking to seventh place. Analysis by government scienti ...  | Read.. 
Communist and capitalist in post-war Vietnam
Thirty years ago Vietnam's communists won a war over the US and its allies that reunified the country. ...  | Read.. 
Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles at the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen, Scotland, on Sunday. (AFP)
Bashed by Bono
Dogs' day
Ice melt
Envoy weds beer baroness
Mexico's rich and famous celebrated the high society marriage of a charismatic US ambassador to a b..  | Read.. 
Tolerance triumph in Kingdom of Heaven
Ridley Scott's new blockbuster, Kingdom of Heaven, could hardly be more topical. It shows Mus..  | Read.. 
Tories take on Tony over Iraq
Tony Blair's main rivals urged British voters today to turn ...  | Read.. 

Iraq govt within days
Iraqi leaders will announce a government within days and no ...  | Read.. 

Malaria sting wakes up World Bank
The World Bank today announced it will expand its fight aga ...  | Read.. 

Beijing begins talks on HK laws
Beijing today began a discussion of Hong Kong's leadership ...  | Read..