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Black smoke after first vote
Roman Catholic Cardinals began a secret conclave today in the splendour of the Sistine Chapel but failed in a initial vote to find a successor to Pope John Paul. ...  | Read.. 
Tories tear into Labour campaign blunder
Britain's Opposition Conservative Party, gunning for Tony Blair at a May 5 election, gleefully pounced today on an embarrassing slip in a campaign document to accuse him of s ...  | Read.. 
Bush just happens in new play
Keith Carradine as George W. Bush' ...  | Read.. 
Iraqi flak on leaders for fake hostage crisis
Iraqis today accused their new leaders of fabricating a hostage crisis for political ends and urged them instead to focus on tackling relentless violence and unemployment aft ...  | Read.. 
One-week-old saltwater crocodiles are held in the hand of a keeper at feeding time in Sydney's Taronga Zoo. (Reuters)
Tasty chocolate art
Truant teen's tram trick
Maoists find a new class enemy: school
Continuing their campaign for closure of all private schools in Nepal, Maoist rebels bombed two..  | Read.. 
Ballot fraud fears in UK
Just as 'dimpled chads' raised doubts about the authenticity of the American presidential election ..  | Read.. 
New state of matter
Scientists using a giant atom smasher said today they have ...  | Read.. 

Japan-China talks fail to halt free fall in ties
Japan and China held talks in Beijing today but failed to h ...  | Read..