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Crashes and booms
You might be forgiven for wondering if the best way to invest in stock markets is to consult a chimpanzee first ' it has long been suspected that City hotshots are just lucky, overpaid fools who work in an industry where chance rules....  | Read.. 
Hunting wiped out elephant kin
A study of 41 archaeological sites across five continents has provided the strongest evidence yet that humans hunted elephants to extinction, with hab ...  | Read.. 
Species called 'hope of life'
Three years ago, a French-led team of palaeoanthropologists reported finding in central Africa a skull and other bones of a possible human ancestor th ...  | Read.. 
Subtle connections
I the world of modern mathematics, Peter D. Lax, professor emeritus at New York University, ranks among the giants. ...  | Read.. 
Crashes and booms
Galactic loop
Fish sense
Brain toxin
Prime mystery
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Irreversible damage
Plug and print
It's not unusual for business travelers to carry a laptop, a BlackBerry or an organiser, but few carry printers. Nonetheless, being on the road doesn't mean you won't need hard copy. ...  | Read.. 
Low-cost laptop
Smart alarm
Feeding frenzy
I started life as a skinny kid, and my Russian-born grandmother did her best to fatten me up, feeding me bars of cheese, cans of evaporated milk, even sticks of butter. In her day, a slender child was vulnerable to death should a serious infectious d ...  | Read.. 
Benefit from an atom
Fanfare doesn't indicate success
Size matters
Baby talk helps kids learn language better
Smoking and test-tube therapy
Zinc boosts teenage brain
Oyster triggers passion
QED: Doctors' best friend
According to a story in the last week's British Medical Journal, a doctor interacts with 200,000 patients on an average during a 40-year career, and yet very few of those in medical profession are good at communicating with the patients. Medica ...  | Read.. 
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