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Secrecy and Holy Spirit in successor search
Roman Catholic cardinals moved into sequestered lodgings today ahead of a conclave to elect a successor to Pope John Paul II, with no clear favourite in sight to take charge of the 1.1 billion-member Church. ...  | Read.. 
Invisible force on the prowl
The Holy Spirit who Roman Catholic cardinals believe will inspire them in next week's conclave to choose a new Pope will not be the only invisible presence in the Vatican's S ...  | Read.. 
Zardari for dialogue on democracy
The husband of Pakistan opposition leader-in-exile Benazir Bhutto said today despite police action against his supporters his party would engage the government in a dialogue ...  | Read.. 
Confusion on Iraq hostages
Iraqi troops backed by US forces mounted fresh raids in a town south of Baghdad today but failed to find any of the Shia hostages reported to have been threatened with death ...  | Read.. 
Two men look at a sign that reads ‘Sistine Chapel closed’ at the Vatican City on Sunday. (AFP)
Hitler films
Hot bath
No apology, China tells Japan
China today bluntly told Japan it had no reason to apologise after weeks of anti-Japanese protests,..  | Read.. 
Stolen: soul with songs
The burglar visited every room of Sara Scalenghe's northwest Washington apartment, stealing an ..  | Read.. 
Britain foils rail attack
A poison attack planned by al Qaida-trained operatives ...  | Read.. 

French scribe held in Bangla
Bangladesh police have detained a French freelance journali ...  | Read.. 

Texas threat to Bolton's UN bid
A Texas businesswoman has written to the Senate foreign rel ...  | Read..