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Scots welcome thrifty Camilla
The Duchess of Cornwall was commended for her Scottish sense of thrift yesterday when she performed her first public duty as a member of the royal family wearing the same outfit for the third time in less than a week....  | Read.. 
Drink doubles the desire to smoke
Smokers experience greater cravings for cigarettes when they drink because the pleasurable effects are magnified by alco ...  | Read.. 
Harry fails computer skill test
Prince Harry, the younger son of the heir to Britain's throne Prince Charles, has failed in a basic computer skills examinat ...  | Read.. 
On oceans of delight
We're cruising now, paddling on a hypnotically blue sea under crisp blue skies. My kayak bobs as it cuts through waves a few inches high....  | Read.. 
Nicole Kidman shows off her pink charity wristband at a charity screening of her film The Interpreter in London. (AFP)