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Kellogg's cuts corn flakes' salt

London, April 14: Kellogg's bowed to pressure from health campaigners in Britain yesterday and cut the levels of salt in its corn flakes by 25 per cent.

The change, which also applies to Frosties and Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, is one of the biggest recipe changes in the company's 80-year history.

A small bowl containing 30g of its corn flakes will now contain 0.55g of salt ' around 9 per cent of the guideline daily amount (GDA) for an adult. The same sized serving of Frosties provides 0.35g of salt, or 6 per cent of the GDA. Kellogg's has already launched a lower sugar version of Frosties and introduced bar charts revealing the levels of salt, sugar and fat on its cereal packs.

The company claims that in blind tests most people prefer the lower salt recipe.

There are concerns that excessive salt in the diet could be linked to heart attacks and strokes. It is recommended that adults have no more than 6g of salt a day. However, the average intake is 9g.

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