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Precision planner in killer tutor
- Not an iota of remorse after pushing daughter off hill, say police

Calcutta, April 12: Less than 24 hours after Somnath Dawn was arrested, police claimed the 52-year-old teacher wanted to do away with his son and daughter before settling down with his 19-year-old student.

'On March 10, when he pushed off his five-year-old daughter Shomashree from a hilltop in Rajgir, he knew exactly what he was doing. In fact, it was a part of his plan and he went about it with precision,' said Barun Mallik, the deputy commissioner of police, north.

Even before reaching Rajgir, Somnath apparently tried to push his son Soumyajit, 13, and daughter off a speeding train. The attempt proved futile after the son moved aside sensing trouble.

On reaching Rajgir, while he succeeded in pushing his daughter off the hill, he could not get rid of his son.

During all this, officers grilling him claimed, Somnath did not have an iota of remorse. He 'neither trembled nor broke down' after the girl was pushed off.

The police today spoke to some of the residents of Batakrishna Dutta Lane in Jorabagan trying to dig into Somnath's past. Married to a challenged wife, the teacher had a tendency to flirt with women, they reportedly said.

Somnath also tried to develop a relationship with Shubhra, the student's mother, the police said. Her father apparently deserted them.

'We still do not believe that Somnath had an affair with the girl's mother. Different stories are pouring in from different corners and we are looking into them. It's too early to comment,' said Mallik.

The police, however, said the student's mother was aware that an affair was taking shape. Somnath and her daughter would go for outings in the city and Shubhra would be informed about them.

This time, she was rattled as her daughter remained untraced for over a fortnight. 'The mother knew about the affair and didn't oppose it. She became suspicious and panicky when Soumyajit suddenly returned on March 22 and refused to speak about their trip to Rajgir. It was then that she decided to seek police help,' Mallik added.

Reconstructing the events, the police said Soumyajit was so disturbed to realise that his father had tried to push him off the train and then, having lost his sister, he could not speak coherently on his return. 'He was also scared to tell the truth to his mother, fearing that Somnath would make a second attempt on his life,' said an officer.

All that Soumyajit could tell the police was what he had overheard during a conversation between his father and the student.

The two were caught taking a stroll in Mayapur on Sunday. They had been living in a rented room there for the past fortnight.

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