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Total recall
Dhiraj Kant's colleagues don't stop to wonder when they see him charging up the stairs, with a laptop, office bag and a Tupperware tiffin case flying behind him. The 27-year-old, Bangalore-based software engineer doesn't ever take the office lift to ...  | Read.. 
On the face of it
I saw him walking down the aisle on the Indian Airlines flight from Ranchi to New Delhi. Nobody seemed to have recognised him ...  | Read.. 
Those were the days
In the blood
Picture perfect
Fact file
Tittle tattle
In the long run
A steel and concrete loft overlooking the capital of the New South is the last place you expect to find her, yet somehow Jane Fonda seems right at home. She chose this space three and a half years ago to begin living what she calls her third act, and...  | Read.. 
Sound of silence
this is what explains the long phone calls that puzzle you, the cackles of laughter from the kitchen that you wonder about, the groups of women hanging out in bars who (heavens above!) don't appear to need male attention. I sometimes wonder how men ...  | Read.. 
Don't bank on looks
Same story
Safe track
CYCLE OF LIFE: Celia (right) and Tarun Cherian (left) with a subject at a Past Life Regression therapy session
going desi
Flying high
Shorter than shorts
Speak easy
What the stars never foretold
Yippee, and a very happy new year to you, too. Looks like Poila Boishakh is going to usher in an era...  | Read..