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Of actual control
The choreography preceding the visits of Chinese dignitaries to India seem to follow a broad script. First there are the over-hyped media reports hinting that the infuriatingly complex border dispute may be within smelling distance of a settlement. S...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
On second thoughts
Sir ' The controversy over the purchase of coffins after the Kargil war had seen the Congress proje ...  | Read.. 
Value it right
Sir ' There has been a lot of protest over VAT. But I wonder how many have a clear idea of what it ...  | Read.. 
The huge publicity and the high profile given by India to the bus service from Srinagar to Muzaffarabad were unnecessary and ...| Read.. 
Government reports often end up stating the obvious. The report of a committee, set up to examine the causes of Naxalite viol...| Read.. 
Learning to Stay afloat
Young girls, arms linked together, roam the streets of China's new cities all day, shopping for trendy clothes. It makes you ...  | Read.. 
All decent people live beneath their incomes nowadays, and those who aren't respectable live beyond other people's. A few gifted individuals manage to do both. ' SAKI
Think small to make it big
Some Indian publishers-cum-distributors borrow their ideas from the big con...  | Read.. 
Sounds and silence
Is there anything you want' By Margaret Forster, Chatto and Windus, ' 10...  | Read.. 
March for a worthy cause
The Romance of salt By Anil Dharker, Roli, Rs 395...  | Read.. 
Back to the old classics
A reading diary, By Alberto Manguel, Westland, $ 17.50...  | Read.. 
Playing a role in history
THE OXFORD COMPANION TO INDIAN THEATRE, edited by Ananda Lal (Ox...  | Read.. 

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