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Math monster
Itís a big game that remains at large ó a Loch Ness monster.Ē Thatís how Dr Daniel N. Rockmore, professor of mathematics and computer science at the Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, describes the biggest unsolved problem in his own subject. Heís right, for, like the mythical beast rearing its head in a Scottish lake, the mathematical riddle is daring the wits of experts. No one has been able to crack it for nearly 150 years. And the game is at large despite a reward of $1,000,000 on its head for the last five years. ...  | Read.. 
Prier of secrets
While most physicists were cracking huge computer codes and reams of cryptic clues, physicist Hans Albrecht Bethe pried open some of the deepest secrets of nature with only a slide rule, a pencil and a stack of blank paper. ...  | Read.. 
When poison saves lives
In the early 1990s, the drug miltefosine was launched in Germany for the treatment of breast cancer. To be very specific, it was designed to arrest the migration of cancer cells from the affected organ to other parts of the body. Now it is awaiting ...  | Read.. 
Leonhard Eular (top oval), Bernhard Riemann (middle) and Prof. Daniel N. Rockmore (above)
(Picture courtesy: Joseph Mehling)
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It has often been said of personal computers that one day they will be like appliances. And while PCs have taken on some aspects of household machines, they are not necessarily the ones that futurists forecast. Much like, say, washers and dryers, mos ...  | Read.. 
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Brain booster
For decades I've been pleading with my readers to adopt healthy habits to prevent heart disease and possibly some cancers. Now there's another organ, the brain, that these measures may protect. ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Truly esoteric ideas
Abstraction has been a necessary evil of human civilisation since the days of cave paintings. The new wave of French cinema has long died out, but not before gems like Pierrot le Fou had taken the memorable auspices of movie aficionados; the New York ...  | Read.. 
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