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People's Pope draws great pilgrim wave
Pope John Paul's body was displayed to the world today and his words echoed across St. Peter's Square as faithful mourned the Pole who helped topple Communism in Europe but left a divided church. ...  | Read.. 
Gasps echo as last words ring out
Pope John Paul's own words rang out across St Peter's Square a day after he died as thousands of tearful worshippers from around the world gathered for a Requiem Mass today. ...  | Read.. 
Big bets on little Lombard
An Irish bookmaker will start taking bets tomorrow on the likely successor to Pope John Paul, with candidates from Italy, Nigeria and Honduras the punters' favourites to lead ...  | Read.. 
Prison attack
Dozens of insurgents attacked Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad yesterday, detonating two suicide car bombs and firing rocket-propelled grenades at US forces before the assau ...  | Read.. 
A woman at a condolence mass for Pope John Paul in the Bosnian Serb capital Banja Luka. (Reuters)
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Taliban message
Gunman grieves
China, Cuba mourn
Vatican interregnum
Muslim world praises bid to build bridges
Muslims around the world today praised the late Pope John Paul's drive to build bridges with Islam,..  | Read.. 
Echo award for Anastacia
American singer Anastacia won the German music industry's Echo award yesterday for the best interna..  | Read.. 
Sunni elected Iraq speaker
Iraqi politicians elected a Sunni Arab to be the speaker of ...  | Read.. 

Labour holds out economy bait for polls
Britain's governing Labour Party told voters today it would ...  | Read.. 

Guinness sets record for work dispute
A proposal for a romantic novel about an American girl work ...  | Read..