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Crown with little clout
Subash Ghisingh, who forced the government to appoint him sole caretaker of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, might be left with virtually no power after his functions are finalised....  | Read.. 
Couple plots to butcher lover
A young housewife in Nadia nearly severed the genitals of her former lover last night at the behest of her husband. ...  | Read.. 
Housewife hacks husband
A 40-year-old housewife murdered her husband last night in an apparent bid for freedom from mental and physical torture. ...  | Read.. 
TV healing alert
Television programmes on astrology, Feng Shui and herbal remedy might soon be pulled off air, if the government has its ...  | Read.. 
BSF sniffs bigger Bangla threat
The director-general of the Border Security Force, R.S. Mooshahary, today said Indian insurgent groups are getting 'som ...  | Read.. 
Youth Congress supporters in Calcutta protest against the US decision to sell F-16 aircraft to Pakistan. Picture by Amit Datta
VAT order
Cop shuffle
Girl suicide