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New Clapton

London, March 29: Eric Clapton, celebrating his 60th birthday, has told his fans that they will notice something different when he returns to the stage with Cream for the first time in 36 years: he won't forget what he is playing halfway through a solo.

Rock's first supergroup sold 35 million records with a new form of 'heavy' music that fused hard rock, blues and jazz. But the guitarist's performances were often blurred by his consumption of drugs and drink.

Even now, he said, it was 'difficult to remember if there were any lucid periods. I don't think there were. I think it was wall-to-wall, bang-at-it stuff.'

Clapton, long free of an addiction to alcohol, cocaine and heroin, spoke for the first time since agreeing to reform Cream with the bassist Jack Bruce, 61, and drummer Ginger Baker, 65. They will return for four nights in May to the Royal Albert Hall in London, where the trio last performed in November 1968.

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