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Long and winding road to Rishikesh
There is now a pretty solid body of evidence that for The Beatles, India was their most creative period. When they were in Rishikesh for several weeks in February, March and April of 1968, they wrote between 23 and 48 songs, 17 of which were included ...  | Read.. 
Bold & beautiful
Revolution has many faces. In Bollywood, it came wearing an eye-mask, snapping a whip and beating up a bunch of baddies. The ...  | Read.. 
Of photo ops and wedding vows
Premature end
Speak easy
Tittle tattle
'There is a lot of pain in these pages'
My sharpest memory of her,' writes Mary Roy, author Arundhati Roy's mother, about her own mother in an essay entitled, 'Three Generations of Women', 'is when I was a four-year-old child and she was a young and beautiful woman. Standing in the living ...  | Read.. 
Terrors of Holi
In Mathura, they celebrate 'laathmaar' Holi. The women of the community come out with sticks and bludgeon the men, who must defend themselves with shields. It's all in good fun, apparently, but all across north India you can sense a sigh of envy risi...  | Read.. 
Arms and the woman
Ladies' room
Just driving through
To the last drop
What goes into a sex bomb'
I have often wondered ' and stand in great awe and admiration of ' women of sexual appetite. How in heaven do they find the ...  | Read..